Friday, 2 January 2015

My Favourite Lip Products♥

Hello! So this is my first post on my blog, I am going to be showing you some of my favourite lip products. My favourite lip products consist of some high end and drugstore items. I don't own too much high end makeup, but I do own a couple.

Firstly, I'm going to start with lip gloss.

Rimmel Apocalips

Okay, so technically this is a lip lacquer but it's close to a lip gloss. I don't particularly like to wear lip gloss because it always feels too sticky on my lips. This product is beautiful because it lasts all day and also it feels very moisturising on your lips. The shade I have is Luna, it's a gorgeous peachy nude colour. These cost £6.49.

Maybelline Baby Lips

Baby Lips have been one of my favourite beauty products for while now, they are extremely moisturising, they smell amazing and I love the packaging. I only have two but I have tried nearly all of them because a lot of my friends have them. I have the shades Pink Punch and Hydrate. Pink Punch is a pretty baby pink shade and hydrate is just a clear balm. Baby Lips usually cost around £3.00 in most shops.

MAC Lustre Lipstick

MAC Lipsticks are literally amazing, my favourite one is called 'Lustering' and it's from the lustre range. It is a stunning hot pink, which can be a little bright for me on everyday use so I usually wear it when I go to parties. It is so creamy and smooth on your lips. Also it is so pigmented and it lasts all day. I highly recommend MAC Lipsticks because of how good quality they are. They cost £15.50 each.

That's all from me, I hope you enjoyed reading. Please leave any questions below in the comments. I love you lots.

-Emma x